For Online Form Submission

1. Scan your recent passport size colour photograph taken at a photo studio at 300 dpi. Your application will be rejected if the uploaded photograph does not meet the following requirements:
  • Your full face must be clearly visible.
  • Background must be plain white or off-white. (plain blue is acceptable)
  • The photograph must be scanned clearly and must not be blurry or pixelated.
  • Uploaded photograph must be in JPEG (.jpg) file format.
  • Size of the uploaded file must be less than 500 KB (Kilobytes).
  • Uploaded photograph dimensions should be around 500 x 400 pixels.

Please refer to the following to see examples of acceptable and unacceptable photographs:

Not acceptable
The person is too far from the camera
Not acceptable
The person is too close to the camera
Not acceptable
The background is not white or off-white
Not acceptable
The photograph is blurred
Not acceptable
The photograph resolution is too low
Not acceptable
The photograph is not in upright position
Not acceptable
The photograph contains excessive blank area
Not acceptable
The photograph is Overexposed
(too light)
Not acceptable
The photograph is Underexposed
(too dark)
2. Fill your information carefully and proof read it before submitting your Online Application.
3. Make sure that the Picture uploaded by you is a scanned Passport Size Picture taken at a photo studio and your face is clearly visible in it. If the uploaded picture does not fulfill the required criteria for printing on Roll Number Slip / Answers Sheet, your application will be rejected.
4. After application submission, Confirmation Page will be displayed along with instructions. Print that Confirmation Page and follow the instructions mentioned on it.
5. After printing the Confirmation Page, paste the Front Side and Back Side of CNIC Photocopy in recpective boxes.
6. Send the first Confirmation Page with pasted CNIC along with detail updated CVs, attested photocopies of the degrees, final transcripts, certificates, final marks sheets from matric onwards, experience certificates, CNIC, PEC member ship (if required), Domicile, recent passport size photograph and all other particular documents required to support the candidate’s eligibility for the applied position to Sr. Admin Officer, PIEAS through Pakistan Post, TCS, OCS or Leopard services at the address given below. Confirmation Page must reach PIEAS by Monday, 29 January 2018:

Sr. Admin Officer,
Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences (PIEAS),

Important Note: Only those online application will be accepted whose printed Confirmation Page is received by PIEAS in due time.
7. Keep the second Confirmation Page safe for your record.

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