List of Selected Candidates for KINPOE (PAEC Fellowship)
Offer letters to candidates will be sent by KINPOE after their initial Security Clearance.
For more information please visit KINPOE website.
ID Roll Number Name Father's Name CNIC Admission Offered as
20301 MS-16-IP-20301 MEHRAN ASLAM MUHAMMAD ASLAM 37405-9283631-7 PAEC Fellowship
20306 MS-16-PE-20306 SHEROZ RASHID AHMAD KHAN RASHID AHMAD KHAN 11201-5058068-7 PAEC Fellowship
20499 MS-16-PM-20499 ALI ASADULLAH BAIG AZIZ UR REHMAN BAIG 44107-9599480-3 PAEC Fellowship
20516 MS-16-IE-20516 HUMAYUN RASHID AHMED 61101-5773869-7 PAEC Fellowship
20663 MS-16-KI-20663 MUHAMMAD UZAIR PERVAIZ PERVAIZ QAMAR 42201-8664739-7 PAEC Fellowship
21132 MS-16-LP-21132 BASHARAT HUSSAIN BASHIR HUSSAIN 21303-0300144-1 PAEC Fellowship
21135 MS-16-LI-21135 MUHAMMAD AAMIR KHAN MUHAMMAD AKRAM KHAN 35202-9220834-9 PAEC Fellowship
21533 MS-16-SL-21533 MUHAMMAD HASSAN FATEH MUHAMMAD 38201-5297790-3 PAEC Fellowship
21928 MS-16-KP-21928 MUHAMMAD WALEED MUHAMMAD IQBAL AZIZ 42101-5889565-9 PAEC Fellowship
22075 MS-16-KI-22075 ABDUL HASEEB ABDUL QADEER 42201-0549564-1 PAEC Fellowship
22088 MS-16-KI-22088 ZAHID HASSAN KHATRI NAZIR AHMED KHATRI 42301-7454932-5 PAEC Fellowship
22114 MS-16-KM-22114 TALHA BIN MEHFOOZ MEHFOOZ-UL-HAQUE 42401-6271982-1 PAEC Fellowship
22524 MS-16-GI-22524 FAHEEM NASIR NASIR AHMAD 34101-2092109-3 PAEC Fellowship
22899 MS-16-KM-22899 RAFAY KARIM SIDDIQUI MUMTAZ KARIM SIDDIQUI 42101-3001902-1 PAEC Fellowship
23001 MS-16-KM-23001 SHAHZAIB SHAHMUHAMMAD 45501-5443469-1 PAEC Fellowship
23202 MS-16-LL-23202 MUHAMMAD USMAN ABDUL SATTAR 35201-9089046-1 PAEC Fellowship
23262 MS-16-LM-23262 FAISAL AHMED RAMZAN ALLAH DITTA 35202-4412635-7 PAEC Fellowship
23339 MS-16-LM-23339 MUHAMMAD SIDDIQUE RASHEED AHMED 35202-9236997-1 PAEC Fellowship
23648 MS-16-QE-23648 DANISH ALI GHULAM ALI 54401-4126614-3 PAEC Fellowship
23650 MS-16-KP-23650 SYED FAIZAN ALI SYED KARAMAT ALI 42101-1388825-7 PAEC Fellowship
24069 MS-16-FI-24069 IMMAD AHMAD IJAZ AHMAD 33100-3014805-5 PAEC Fellowship
24151 MS-16-LM-24151 ADEEL RIAZ BHATTI MUHAMMAD RIAZ BHATTI 35401-0817092-1 PAEC Fellowship
24713 MS-16-TI-24713 HAMID MUHAMMAD DILPAZEER 37406-8506258-9 PAEC Fellowship
25365 MS-16-SE-25365 MUHAMMAD ASIM MUHAMMAD YOUSAF 38403-9414171-5 PAEC Fellowship
25705 MS-16-LI-25705 HAIDER ABBAS GHULAM ABBAS 35202-5663267-7 PAEC Fellowship
25815 MS-16-KP-25815 MUHAMMAD AWAIS MUHAMMAD RAFIQ 42301-9501689-3 PAEC Fellowship
25890 MS-16-LI-25890 MUHAMMAD SHAH RUKH MUHAMMAD RAIS 35201-6420098-9 PAEC Fellowship
25982 MS-16-GP-25982 ASIFA SHAKRULLAH KHAN 34101-8215389-4 PAEC Fellowship
26030 MS-16-IE-26030 UZAIR SAIF SAIF ULLAH KHALID 32103-6177209-5 PAEC Fellowship
26405 MS-16-KM-26405 MUHAMMAD USMAN MANSOOR MANSOOR AHMED 42101-3557163-5 PAEC Fellowship
26892 MS-16-GM-26892 SOBAN AFZAL MUHAMMAD AFZAL 34601-4583203-5 PAEC Fellowship
27252 MS-16-FP-27252 FAISAL ALI MUHAMMAD ALI 33100-6602051-5 PAEC Fellowship
27273 MS-16-LI-27273 FARHAN FAYYAZ FAYYAZ HUSSAIN 36302-1791173-9 PAEC Fellowship
27553 MS-16-PE-27553 IRSHAD ULLAH IBRAHIM 15302-4972552-7 PAEC Fellowship
28018 MS-16-LP-28018 BILAL MUSHTAQ MUHAMMAD MUSHTAQ 37301-8728923-5 PAEC Fellowship
29249 MS-16-KE-29249 AFRASIAB SALEEM SALEEM AKHTAR 42301-3440836-5 PAEC Fellowship
29560 MS-16-LM-29560 MUHAMMAD USMAN MUHMMAD ARIF  35401-9582759-5 PAEC Fellowship
30185 MS-16-KP-30185 FATIMA NAZ GHOLAM KIBRIA 42101-9125014-6 PAEC Fellowship